The Golden Tower Hotel & Spa is located on Piazza Strozzi, one of Florence’s most famous squares. Aside from its convenient location, what makes our hotel even more special is the Strozzi Tower, which houses our Tower Deluxe rooms. Guests staying in these rooms will relive all the magic of the past and immerse themselves in that time of history when Florence become the cradle of the Renaissance. There was once a 2-star hotel here on the 3rd floor, when the ground floor housed the treasury of a bank. After a thorough renovation project lasting four years, the entire building regained its former splendour. The Tower was the main residence of the Strozzi family until 1492, when they moved to Palazzo Strozzi, a grandiose palace they had built by the celebrated architect Benedetto da Maiano. Today the Palazzo is one of the city’s most important exhibition venues. When it was constructed, towers were symbols of the social standing and political power of the most important Florentine families. Originally built for military defence, they became the residential centre of Florentine nobility, whose prestige was demonstrated by the grandeur of their buildings – the higher it was, the more important they were.

While the house attached to the tower was the domestic hub of a single family, the tower itself housed members of the extended family, who had free access to it even during of political turmoil.

The Strozzi Tower was originally higher than any of the other buildings, but after several centuries of general downscaling, today its height matches that of the buildings around it. On the ground floor is a large portal surmounted by a double arched lintel, and on the upper floors there are high narrow windows surrounded by scaffold holes.

The Strozzi were crucial to the political and economic importance of the City of Florence, they were bankers whose flourishing business soon lead them to become one of the city’s most prestigious families.
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