Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

The Palazzo Vecchio is one of Florence's undisputed symbols and has long been the seat of power, since its construction at the end of the thirteenth century, born from the desire to house the Priori in a protected and privileged manner. It first became (and was named) "old" only in 1565 when the Duke Cosimo moved the seat of power to the then "new" Palazzo Pitti.
Today the Palazzo Vecchio is host to a stately museum with a spectacular exhibition of the sixteenth century, and other environments of great historical interest, such as courtyards and rooms. Also of note is the start of the Vasari Corridor, which leads to the Pitti Palace via an overhead passageway.
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Without doubt, this city has a soul that is decidedly unique, the cradle of Humanism and the Renaissance, ideal for a holiday that you will remember forever. A gift that should be appreciated to the utmost, in a unique corner like the Golden Tower in Piazza Strozzi, in what was once the residence of Filippo Strozzi, one of the most important and famous figures of the city.
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