Boutique Hotel Florence

Live like in a Renaissance Mansion in the rooms of our Boutique Hotel in Florence

If you love Florence, you love the uniqueness of its buildings, most of them dating back to the most beautiful and magnificent architectural time ever, the Renaissance. We wanted to create a Boutique Hotel in Florence that respects in a small and cosy ambience the nature and the history of the building that hosts our rooms. Golden Tower among Luxury Hotels in Florence strives to enbody the history and beauty of Florence.

Staying in our Boutique Hotel in Florence will let you dive in the past: while you stay in the Tower Deluxe Room, you will actually stay in the same spaces where one of the most ancient and powerful Florence families used to live, the Strozzi. You can imagine, when you go upstair to the top of the hotel, how it could have been to be there in the thirteenth centurly, when the Golden Tower was an architectural representation of power in Florence, competing with other buildings to express the richness and magnificence of its owners.

Of course today, our boutique hotel in Florence is equipped with all comforts and with fantastic spa facilities, which are today's fancy experiences you allow yourself at Golden Tower, one of the best Luxury Hotels in Florence.

Golden Tower Hotel & SPA - Piazza Strozzi 11/r, 50123 Firenze (FI)
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